Using LED High Mast Lights to Illuminate Large Areas

Usually, these lights are used at sites where lighting is needed over a large area. They are tall poles with lights attached to the top. They are most commonly used to light highways and recreational fields.


AEON LED high mast luminaires are the most energy-efficient lighting solution for high mast applications. They feature clever functionality, excellent light distribution, and instant on/off controls. They are also flicker-free. They reduce energy costs by up to 65%.

AEON high-mast lighting systems offer four popular lumen output packages. They also come with user-friendly usability and straightforward designs. Whether you need a light for an outdoor sports field, sports stadium, parking lot, or industrial area, you can find an AEON high mast luminaire to fit your needs.

Typically, high mast lights are mounted on very tall poles. They are installed at a height of 50 feet to 150 feet above the ground. Depending on your lighting needs, you may need more than one light fixture.

Lumen requirement of the area

Using high mast lighting to illuminate large areas can increase nighttime safety and security for traffic, commercial, and residential properties. These types of lights are commonly used in airports, roadways, parking lots, and industrial facilities.

High mast lights are usually made of LEDs, a thin and versatile light source. It has a good color performance, long life, and is energy efficient. Using LEDs allows for more efficient lighting, which can reduce the cost of maintaining LED high-mast light fixtures.

High mast lighting systems are also used in industrial facilities, stadiums, and freight terminals. High mast lighting is often mounted at heights of 60 to 100 feet above the ground. This allows for a wide coverage of light, which reduces the amount of transient adaptation. This also reduces shadows between parked vehicles.

Weather and waterproof

Having a high mast LED light can be a great idea, as it is very effective and can provide a large area with a wide range of illumination. This type of light is often installed on tall poles, ranging in height from 40 to 150 feet.

It is important to choose a high mast light with the appropriate wattage and brightness. LEDs can be as bright as ten times that of a halogen bulb. These LEDs are more energy efficient, which means less watts needed.

LEDs also do not contain mercury or other toxic materials. They are also environmentally friendly and do not generate any heat. LEDs are also very durable and rarely need repairs or replacements.

Long life

Unlike traditional lights, LED high mast lights are designed to withstand a variety of harsh conditions. They also offer consistent brightness and high light efficiency, allowing them to illuminate large areas and yards. They are also inexpensive and robust, making them ideal for various applications.

LEDs are easy to operate, requiring far less maintenance than traditional lights. They also use a fraction of the energy used by HID lamps. This ensures a quick return on investment. They also come with a longer lifespan than traditional lights, making them a cost-effective choice.

LEDs also have a lower warm-up time, meaning less time spent on utility costs. They also have a long lifespan of over 100,000 hours, compared to the 15,000 to 25,000 hours for HID lights. This means that they have the potential to save families tens of yuan in electricity bills monthly.

Dimming options

Adding dimming options for LED high mast lights is a smart way to cut back on your electrical costs. The energy savings will be reflected on your monthly energy bill.

There are a few different dimming options to choose from. The most popular is 0-10V dimming. This type of dimmer can handle thousands of watts of power. It is also incredibly reliable.

Other dimming options include DMX and PWM. PWM is effective for dimming because it toggles the LED rapidly. It is also able to handle high dimming ratios at 100 Hz. It is the cheapest, and is often the most buzzy.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dimming option for LED high mast lights is the size of the lighting project. Each lighting project has its own needs.

Timer switches

Using high mast lights can help you save on energy costs. When you use an automated timer switch to turn on your lights, you can have them turn on and off at predetermined times each day. This can help keep your home safe from burglars and increase your comfort.

If you are looking for a timer switch, consider the Honeywell Econoswitch. It has a 7-day timer and a very small form factor. The LCD screen is thin and has two slim buttons on the bottom. This timer switch also has a sunrise-sunset mode and a random mode.

The timer switch features a big LCD display and a bright backlight. It also offers 10 set points for each day of the week. In addition, the switch has a basement mode and a voltage trip feature. The switch also has a bicolor LED for displaying load status.

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