Technology Used By Surveyors in Calgary

Surveyors have been around for centuries now. However, with the changing times, they have been able to adapt to the new requirements and challenges that the surveying industry has to throw at them.

These include a new set of terrains, a better and more accurate land survey in Calgary and other parts of the world, and providing results in a quicker turnaround time too.

So, as the world evolves so does the land surveying industry. Here are some of the tools and technologies used by surveyors in Calgary and how they can benefit users.

Global Positioning System
The global positioning system or commonly known as GPS plays a vital role in land survey technology and efficiency.

GPS has made possible what seemed like a far-fetched idea by increasing the capabilities of land surveyors in Calgary. GPS has exponentially expedited the land surveying industry by providing more accurate information regarding a terrain’s height, longitude and latitude to name some.

It has revolutionised the way land surveying is conducted by amalgamating a number of functionalities into a single tool. This hasn’t just made the process more streamlined but more economically viable too.

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles have been a very recent innovation to arrive on the land surveying scene.

With the help of drones, surveyors in Calgary are able to transverse through various terrains which were previously inaccessible due to natural or any other hurdles.

With a wider range of view and access, drones are able to transverse through a large area in a shorter amount of time too. Not only has it made the process more efficient, but a lot safer for land surveyors.

3D Laser Scanners
3D laser scanners are tools which are put into use to understand and interpret the shapes of things and objects. They do so by collecting clouds of points to create 3D models.

These laser scanners prove to be very beneficial for architects to visualise their projects on a parcel of land and how they want to move about with it.

What Does it Mean for The Future of Surveyors in Calgary?
As a newer set of technologies arrive in the land surveying industry, the profession will change drastically. Apart from just changing how surveyors in Calgary are working with the new technology, the question will change to where and by whom too.

Newer technologies are increasing the overall capabilities of land surveyors. This means that due to increased functionality, more work is being done in front of a device rather than by staying on the field for long hours. Moreover, the newer technology entering the industry has led to demand for a more diversified workforce with varied sets of skills.

Professions like drone pilots can become an integral part of a geomatics or land surveyor crew in Calgary. Further, the coming generation of land surveyors will be exposed to a more diversified technology during their studies. This will only add to the overall efficiency and transformation of the entire industry.

Surveyors With Right Technology in Calgary
Using the right technology, with the changing times is an important step that many land surveyors in Calgary forget to work upon.

Along with the right team and expertise, technology can facilitate the amount and quality of work being conducted. Core Geomatics is one such surveyor in Calgary, which has been working on keeping safety, collaboration and technology at the forefront.

Their end-to-end survey solutions focus on providing better results by going beyond the traditional mold of land surveying solutions.

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