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Sober Living House Rules: What You Need to Know

Sober Living House Rules: What You Need to Know

Many people believe addiction is a moral failing or a choice. This idea is incorrect, and unfortunately, addiction can happen to anyone, and there is no cure.

Thankfully nowadays, there are several treatment avenues for those seeking addiction recovery—for example, rehabilitation centers and sober living houses. However, you must follow a few house rules to stay.

Here are common sober living house rules you’ll need to follow if you want to stay. So, keep reading if you or someone you know is going to a sober living facility.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Before we get into the sober living house rules, let’s discuss what a sober living home, or halfway house, is and how it can help you. If you’re recovering from addiction, you may have the option to stay at a halfway house.

This is a residence reserved for people recovering from addiction. Typically only people transitioning from in-patient treatment can stay.

Often you can find these homes in residential neighborhoods. They have communal living spaces like the living room or kitchen. Residents have to share and keep these spaces clean.

Residents will either have their own room or share with other addicts that share their gender. No medical services are provided at sober living homes. Instead, recovering residents attend:

  • Addiction recovery therapy groups
  • 12-Step programs (i.e., Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Outpatient treatment at a local rehabilitation center

Residents are encouraged to go about their sober lifestyle while staying at the sober living house, such as going to work or school.

  • Pro Tip: Folks at say halfway homes provide a support network for residents going through recovery together

Often several recovering addicts will be living simultaneously in the house together. This means they can help each other in their addiction recovery journeys.

Common Sober Living House Rules

There are several benefits to staying at sober living houses for the recovering addict. If you’ve decided that a halfway house is the right option, becoming familiar with the sober living house rules you’ll be expected to follow is wise.

Otherwise, you will be asked to leave if you choose not to while you’re there. While every sober living home is unique and may have different rules, here are some of the most common recovery housing rules to expect:

1. No Drugs

Of course, the first rule that’s non-negotiable is that no drugs or alcohol may be on the property. This protects the other residents residing in the house from potential relapse. However, the house may permit medication a medical professional prescribes, like mood stabilizers and antidepressants.

2. Participation Required

When living in a communal house, residents use shared living spaces, such as kitchens and living rooms. These rooms need to be kept clean, and typically the sober living house will require all residents to participate in chores and other household activities, like meetings.

3. Stick to Curfew

Every sober living home will have a curfew that residents must adhere to. While recovering residents may leave the sober living house premises to attend to their regular responsibilities like work or school. However, everyone must return home before the specified curfew time, which teaches residents to be accountable for themselves.

4. Stay Overnight

You are expected to stay overnight if accepted into a sober living home. The number of nights a week you’re expected to stay can vary depending on the halfway house. If you’re not staying overnight, you will be asked to forfeit your residency so someone else may take your place.

5. No Overnight Guests

While residents are expected to stay overnight, they may not have any overnight guests. If the house staff permits residents to invite guests to the halfway house during the day, they must vacate the property by a specified time.

6. No Pets

Along with the no overnight guests rule, most sober living home rules include no pets. However, this can differ depending on the house, so enquire ahead of time if you have a pet you need to bring with you. If the home permits pets, it’s often limited to small pets.

7. Pay Expenses

Staying at sober living houses isn’t free and does come with expenses, such as rent. Residents must pay their fees on time and in full, or they will be asked to vacate the house. Some halfway houses will cost more than others if they have more amenities or are in a more upmarket area.

8. Recovery Aftercare Plan

Another sober living house rule is that all recovering residents need a recovery aftercare plan. This includes going to therapy or 12-Step meetings like Narcotics Anonymous. Furthermore, residents must attend these meetings and appointments at least once a week.

9. Random Drug Tests

When living in a halfway house, a common rule that most, if not all, houses have is residents must submit to random drug and alcohol tests. The house supervisors will take further action if the resident fails the test. They will likely ask the resident to leave the sober living house permanently.

10. Respect One Another

The final entry in our list of common sober living house rules is universal across all houses: respect one another. Several people live under one roof in a halfway house, and while everybody may not always get along, residents need to respect the other residents and staff.

Is a Sober Living Home Right for You?

If you’ve gone through addiction treatment in a rehabilitation facility, you may not be ready to return to your everyday life. This is when moving into a halfway house can help.

However, you must follow several sober living house rules, such as no overnight guests, no drug use or drugs on the premises, attending regular therapy or 12-Step meetings, and adhering to the curfew. When residents follow these rules, the communal living arrangement is more peaceful.

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