An article about the best extra long shower curtains for 2022

You know what it’s like when your shower curtain seems way too short? You have to do some crazy contortions just to rinse yourself off, and you’re still not able to fully enjoy your shower. If you’re looking for a way to solve your problem, take a look at these best extra long shower curtains.

There are several factors that contribute to the lack of length in most current shower curtains. One is the curtain rod itself. Most rods are only 8-10 feet long and don’t provide enough room for as many as 10 people in one bathroom. Another problem with most shower curtains is their weight. They often weigh over 100 pounds, which makes it difficult to hang them without help from an extra person. These problems can be solved by using an extra-long rod and a lighter weight curtain that still looks good on the rod.

The problem with most shower curtains

Shower curtains are a tricky product to buy. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which makes it hard to find one that’s the right size for your bathroom. Often times, you end up with something that really doesn’t fit the space or is too heavy.

Many people look for an extra-long shower curtain to solve this problem, but they’re not always successful. The issue is that most rods are just 8-10 feet long and don’t provide enough room for as many people as possible. Then, there’s the issue with weight: most shower curtains weigh over 100 pounds! This can make it difficult to have someone else hang them up for you.

How to increase the length of your shower curtain

To increase the length of your shower curtain, you’ll have to look for a rod that is 12-14 feet long. This will provide plenty of room for you and your friends to take a shower.

In addition to the length, you’ll want to choose a lighter weight curtain. These curtains are often made of 100% polyester, which makes them much easier to hang on an extra-long rod than an average length rod.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, consider opting for one of these extra long shower curtains made from 100% silk or satin. They would be perfect for that special occasion when your guests need to be treated with the utmost luxury.

The best extra long shower curtains for 2022.

You’ll want to consider your needs before making a purchase. A good place to start is with the length of the rod that you’re currently using. If you need something extra long, check out this shower curtain from Plumbers Supply Company. It’s available in a range of colors, so it will look great in your bathroom as well as on your bathroom rod. If you’re looking for something that’s both extra-long and affordable, try this one from Home Depot. The curtain is made from a light weight fabric and has full function grommets that allow you to hang towels or cloths without the use of a curtain rod holder.

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