All About P90x Muscle Confusion Workout by Tony Horton

A well-known fitness trainer developed the P90x workout schedule for celebrities, Tony Horton. He designed to enhance physical fitness within ninety by using a cross-training method called muscle confusion—this help to prevent the body from becoming accustomed to a routine over time, ensuring continuous progress.

The P90x workout schedule consists of three exercise routines; Classic, Lean, and Doubles. You can decide which training you want to start based on your physical condition and then go from there.

A Classic p90x workout schedule is a six-day routine that combines fifty percent cardio and fifty percent resistance training. Here’s an example of a workout schedule perfect for those who want to start building their muscles.

Classic P90X Workout Schedule

  • Monday: Work on Resistance and Abs
  • Tuesday: Cardio
  • Wednesday: Repeat: Resistance and Abs
  • Thursday: Concentrate on Yoga
  • Friday: Repeat: Resistance and Abs
  • Saturday: Repeat: Cardio
  • Sunday: Rest day

The Lean p90x workout schedule is more on Cardio and less resistance, which is ideal for beginners. This is for faster weight loss and not muscle building. The focus of this exercise is to burn more calories and help reduce fat more quickly. The schedule comprises Monday workout core and Cardio; Tuesday and Saturday – all Cardio; Wednesday and Friday, working on Resistance and Abs; Thursday is Yoga, mostly stretching and balance; and Sunday is off. Cardio exercises help increase fat burning and build up the core.

The p90x Doubles workout schedule is for those who are already-fit and want to elevate into a more complex exercise. This requires time and perseverance, and you will have to commit at least two and a half hours of your time.

The p90x Doubles is something like Monday and Friday mornings with Cardio and resistance and Abs in the afternoon. Tuesday is cardio both in the morning and in the afternoon, Wednesday is mainly resistance and Abs, Thursday morning is for Cardio, and the afternoon is for doing Yoga. Saturday is cardio, and Sunday, you get to rest. This is quite an intense p90x if you compare it with the classic and lean; it combines all the Cardio, resistance, and abs workouts.

The P90x is developed to constantly change, intensify and defy, so your body never gets used to it. Follow the instructions carefully and do not attempt to alter the routines; these are specially designed exercise routines, along with the p90x nutrition plan was proven to have positive results.

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